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If you’re looking for a speaker that will change the way people think about leadership, teams and culture, look no further.


As a storyteller, I weave leadership lessons into actional takeaways to guide audiences through the leadership development journey from the moment I step on stage.


The goal of my keynotes are to trigger emotions that inspire audiences to make an impact in their career, organization, and community.


Taking lessons from my experience as an immigrant, career as an entrepreneur, and over 10-years of experience working in education, my approach to leadership is relatable to audiences from all walks of life and personal goals.


People inspired and counting.




Years of leadership experience


Companies across the world

Fahd led me through such a powerful journey of learning and growth into leadership. I've been applying his principles at work and in my personal life, and I've seen the positive effects these learnings have had in my endeavours.
Patrick Labreche
Tech Lead, Fullscript

Build Unicorn Leaders

Our keynotes help audiences overcoming the challenges of leadership and team dynamics so they can reach their leadership potential.

As the battle for Unicorn talent rages on, managers are untapped potential to bridge the employee recruitment, retention, and engagement gaps. By training your managers into leaders who create long-term impact through industry changes, leadership development becomes your best return on investment to maximize the talent potential of your organization.

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What Are The Six Levels of High-Performing Teams?

Our core Unicorn Leadership philosophy is distilled into the Six Levels of High-Performing Teams, where each level builds on the previous one. This avoids siloed solutions and gaps with a holistic, collaborative, reinforced approach.


of companies report a solid return on investment


benefit from improved work performance, relationships, and more effective communication skills.


of people see an increase in self- confidence.

We build high-performing companies by transforming leaders.

We’ve worked with hundreds of leaders worldwide. We specialize in helping leaders navigate their startup world. A fast-moving, high-change environment with ambiguity and high pressure requires leaders to know what works. And what doesn’t.

Our methodology focuses on transforming managers into leaders that can bring the best out in themselves and their teams. Leaders who build unstoppable teams that scale. Ultimately creating a culture of high performance. This is what we call our Unicorn Leaders and Unicorn Teams model.

The classic Startup Leadership Challenge is a story of two tales. Either one of fast-paced growth, where we hire really quickly and pass out manager roles to unsuspecting victims. Or one with slower-paced growth and deliberate investment in leadership scalability. Both paths usually lead us to want to train our managers to these high-performing superstars who can help scale the business. But that’s a much harder challenge than it sounds.

Powerful Storytelling

Though engaging storytelling, hilarious moments and real world examples, Fahd creates an experience the audience will remember far beyond the event. By sharing impactful stories, it allows the audience to align their own experiences with the concepts being shared.

Organizational Psychology

Fahd's leadership insights come from a blend of deeply researched organizational psychology concepts to practical insights uncovered in his leadership journey and from his client's success in scaling their organizations. Shared in actionable steps for the audience to engage and have the confidence to apply.


Fahd's real-world experience in various leadership roles, from non-profits & charities to founding start-ups, to helping lead larger institutional teams. Fahd's relatable experience brings his stories to life and makes his insights actionable to help drive organizational growth.

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Our keynotes are built on a decade of research and practical experience building teams and training leaders in high-growth start-ups.

Reignite Your Leaders to Build a High-Performing Culture for the Future of Work

Your managers hold the key to 70% of employee engagement; making their leadership capacity the cap on your organization’s growth.

Gone are the days when vision-setting was solely in the hands of the C-suite. It’s the managers and their teams who navigate the execution, tackling challenges like turnover, disengagement, and the demands of a dynamic hybrid workforce. So when organizations are looking high and low for the missing piece in their organizational culture that they believe will lead them to the constantly elusive destination of success, they are usually overlooking the key hidden in plain sight. 

What is it?: Elevating the ratio of extraordinary to lousy managers.

Amid the battle for top talent, managers embody the untapped potential to bridge the gaps in recruitment, retention, and engagement. By transforming managers into visionary leaders who thrive in times of industry change, investing in leadership development becomes your organization’s most impactful investment, maximizing the untapped potential within your talent pool.

The Six Steps to Building a High Performing Team

Why do certain groups add up to be greater than the sum of their parts while others add up actually to be less? The critical insight is that interactions between individuals matter significantly more than the talent of the individual people in the team. Empower your managers with the game-changing insights of the Six Levels of High Performing Teams, enabling them to unite all your exceptional individuals into a cohesive and agile powerhouse that yearn to make a difference.

Your managers hold the reins of your organization’s culture, serving as the driving force behind your company’s triumphs. However, too often, managers are promoted based on tenure rather than their leadership prowess in creating high-performing teams.

The result? Oversized, overburdened individual contributors who yearn to break free and lose their passion to lead. The burnout trickles down like an insidious virus on your organizational culture.

In today’s fast-paced world, where the very essence of work is being redefined, it is crucial to embrace a new form of leadership—one that fosters innovation and defies the status quo. Enter disruptive leadership. This keynote from renowned Startup Leadership expert Fahd Alhattab unveils the power of disruptive leadership in the context of the entrepreneurial workplace, inspiring attendees to muster the boldness necessary to bring about impactful changes in their respective fields.

Drawing from his extensive experience in leading and growing startups, Fahd Alhattab will explore disruptive leadership, an approach that eschews traditional hierarchy and invites innovation at all levels. This dynamic leadership style, rooted in empowerment, creativity, and collaboration, fuels the engine of entrepreneurial workplaces, providing them the vigor to continually innovate and thrive in a volatile business environment.

The first step in your leadership journey is the decision to see yourself as an agent of change. Leadership knows no boundaries, as every individual possesses the potential to lead if they dare to embrace it and act upon it.

Get ready for an unforgettable keynote experience as Fahd takes you on a captivating journey of personal transformation and community service. From his arrival in Canada and the quest for a new sense of belonging, Fahd shares his compelling story of attempting to establish a march break camp for kids during high school. Brace yourself for a rollercoaster ride, filled with exhilarating triumphs and daunting challenges, as Fahd unveils the profound impact one person can make.

Fahd’s profound commitment to community leadership will ignite a fire within your audience, inspiring them to tackle local and global challenges head-on. Prepare to be immersed in a captivating narrative of self-development, brimming with essential lessons on personal growth and leadership principles.

The 6 Steps to Embodying a Leader’s Mindset

We’ve created this myth to expect singular, grandiose, charismatic leaders to pave the way forward. Be the north star. But true leadership can emerge from anyone, anywhere.

It’s time to shatter the misconception that leadership rests solely on one person’s shoulders. 

Effective leadership is a collaborative effort, a symphony of strengths and shared values. It’s about fostering a culture where every individual is empowered to lead and embrace change with unwavering agility. The secret lies in the domino effect—you can be the catalyst, the first domino that sets it all in motion.

Say goodbye to outdated hierarchies that purely reward seniority. In today’s dynamic world, routine-minded employees hinder their own growth and potential. The real magic happens when individuals are empowered to take risks and seize opportunities. And it all starts with cultivating a leadership mindset.

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When it comes to hiring a speaker for your conference, assembly, or event, you're making a significant investment. You deserve someone who captivates and relates to your audience. Don't just take our word for it, hear what Fahd's recent clients have to say about their extraordinary experiences:

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Fahd brought an electric energy to our Passion to Purpose Leadership Forum! His natural delivery pulled in the audience to feel apart of his presentation. His story was both relatable and inspiring to all the young people in the room! Both his keynote and workshops were extremely interactive – physically and mentally. He posed thought-provoking questions that challenged participants to think about a gap in the community they are looking to support. He designed his keynote and workshops to be extremely organic and each built upon one another. Many participants have shared how Fahd's keynote and workshops helped them see how they have the power to create a positive impact in their community and take an idea and make it a reality.

Aida Abader

Events Manager


“Unicorn Labs gave the team exactly the type of experience they needed to develop skills and rapport with one another to provide a noticeable impact on team performance. Fahd turned even the most skeptical participants into engaged participants with his energy, charisma, and relatability. The exercises and lessons learned were perfect to not only make the team better but also to positively influence engagements with stakeholders, partners, and customers.”

Craig Handy

Head of Evolution, Shopify - Global Revenue Tech & Ops


"Unicorn Labs has been fantastic for our organization for nearly three years now. I work with Fahd monthly, and he and his team are phenomenal. He’s helped us grow our company and dramatically improve our company culture. I’ve worked with other training organizations before and none come even close. I can’t recommend them enough."

Samuel Witherspoon

Co-Founder and CEO, IMRSV